Thursday, March 1, 2012

His Grace is Sufficient

Hello there, I have a little bit of a different post for you tonight.

First, thank you to all that have been praying for my Mom! We can not express enough how much we appreciate the love, thoughts and prayers that have been given to us. 

I would actually like to share a video with you tonight. I could not figure out how to upload the actual video to the blog but if you use the link it should send you right to website page where you can watch the entire thing.

My younger brother, David is a senior at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina and this video is from their website. 

It is three stories/testimonies of the goodness of God and how He will give us the grace to withstand anything and everything He has for our lives.

Please please please WATCH this. I am telling you it will be worth every second of your time! 

The video is HERE!

A quick update on Mom. She has started her chemotherapy treatments in the last week. We are praying for her body to respond to the chemo and for it to do it's job and kill all of this cancer. We also know that if that is not in God's will, He will continue to give us grace for whatever lies ahead! 
Thank you for praying! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

This week..

It was a good week at Bethel Christian Academy and I just wanted to share some cute pictures and stories from this week!

First, the bunny. 
One of my little men, Obadiah, asked me one day if he could bring his bunny to school. Me, being the AWESOME teacher that I am ;) said, OF COURSE! 

Well, I would like to introduce you to Obadiah and his "bunny"! 

That is the BIGGEST bunny that I have ever seen!! He is the size of a small dog!! Pretty sure, I had a different kind of bunny in my head when I agreed to that!! haha, lets just say this day was very interesting!! The kids LOVED it though!! 

All, of us with the bunny! 

Here are a few cute pictures we took during recess today and thought I would share!!

Some of the girls and me!

The boys wanted to take a "manly" picture..and this is what we came up with!! :) 
They are so funny! 

Last little news of the week, tonight our Volleyball season started with our first game!!
I was pretty nervous about it because it would be my first time coaching alone, since my partner in crime decided she would rather get married and move 3000 miles away instead of coaching with me (love you Michelle)! ;) 

I was so proud of them tonight, we started out our season right with a win!!!
Way to go BETHEL!! 

 p.s..yes, as you can see California is SUPER sunny!!! They DEFINITELY needed the black marks on their cheeks. The sun shines so bright here in February!!! ;) 

Hope you all have a nice weekend! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

God knows!

Oh wow, I  had to go back and look at what my last blog post was because I honestly couldn't remember! I can't believe it's been since November! 
November seems like ages ago!

In case you were wondering, the holidays were very special this year!
I was able to stand beside my childhood best friend as her Matron of Honor and celebrate her marriage to a great man!
I got to spend some wonderful, quality time with my parents and brothers!
I was able to see some of my extended family as well!

Christmas was wonderful! I returned to CA on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas and New Years with my wonderful husband and all of our relatives on his side!

Then the New Year came. 

Little did we know that God was about to change everything in 2012.

 To make a long story short (because I know a lot of my blog readers are already aware) on January 4th our sweet Mom was told by a Doctor that she had a huge mass of fluid in her abdomen. 
From the minute he found it he told us that there was a big chance that it would be cancerous.
Two weeks later she was operated on to have the mass removed and the cancer was confirmed.

What do you do when out of no where your Mom who has spent the last 20+ years loving you and sacrificing for you is given this kind of news? 
My very first thoughts were..why her?! Why the most selfless, loving person I know?
You know, I have known several people that have been diagnosed with cancer, actually our family has had two VERY close friends go through this, but even those situations can not compare to being told that its YOUR Mom! 
I can truly say it is the most heart wrenching, earth shattering thing that has happened in our family. 
I honestly DO NOT know how unbelievers handle hearing that a loved one has cancer. 
What a hope we have that they don't. 
Seriously, THE ONLY thing to hold on to is that God is in complete control. 
God knew this was coming. God planned this out for our family.
God knows what is to come.
God knows. 
What a comfort. 

I am so thankful that God has provided this peace and comfort for our family and especially for Mom.
God has "wrapped His arms" around Mom since the moment she knew something was wrong and provided her with such a comfort and strength.
She and Dad have been such an example for us kids and everyone around them. 

Two days before all of this happened. On January 2, my Dad wrote an email to my brothers and I, basically just encouraging us in the Lord as we started the new year. I would like to share a little portion of what he said in this email because I think it was COMPLETELY God using him to prepare us for this trial that was about to come...without even my Dad knowing.

"We also don't know what God has for us in 2012.  He may have good things and great victories and He may, in His providence, have disappointments and sad things for us.  
God may interupt our plans in 2012 - and He almost always does! This is always frustrating to me and sometimes you want to get mad at people or even mad at the Lord. But I have to remind myself, as every Christian that is right with God should, that the plan change or interuption may be precisely from God.  I know that Romans 8:28 says, "All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose." I believe that every Christian will have trials, but we know from reading the Bible that all trials for the Christian are designed by God.  That has always been a Huge comfort to me. He allows just the right trial in our lives to help make us what He wants. "
Every time I read that it is a huge comfort to me. What a great set of parents God has given us.

So, it is only January 31st and God has given us some tough roads already in 2012 but just as my Dad said He will only allow exactly what we need in our lives to make us what He wants us to be!

We know, as of right now God has chosen to give the most important lady in our life cancer.
What has he chosen for you right now? Are you trusting in him?
I know it's almost a minute by minute battle some of the time with my flesh wanting to worry and not trust in Him. 
A friend texted me this verse at the beginning of all of this and it is such a comfort.
Isaiah 43:2 
"When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee." 

God truly is our "refuge and strength"! 
How amazing is that? We can completely rest in Him! He is always with us!!

I will try and keep you all posted on Mom as we go through this time!
I know so many of you are already praying and that means more than you will ever know!!
Prayer works!! Please don't stop! 
We know there is a long road ahead for Mom. 
It has already been and will continue to be a great time of spiritual growth and a time of each of us being drawn closer and closer to the Lord!! 

"Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you!" 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A perfect day at the zoo...

Our class spent the day at the Oakland Zoo today! 
It turned out to be a perfect field trip.

I know I say this EVERY time I do a post about my class...but the parents of my kids are incredible.
I thought they were awesome when I first started teaching and well now....we know each other very well and they just mean so much to me. 
I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this time in their lives. 
They always make me feel so special and never stop thanking me and making me feel so appreciated.
It's really great.

The Oakland Zoo was so beautiful! It is so relaxing and pleasant to walk through. With each animal you feel like you are in their real habitats. It's incredible!

:) I didn't even realize the bear was doing that in the picture till I got home. Cute!

The giraffes were my favorite!! 

Julian came with us!! Isn't he sweet?! He really enjoyed the kids and got a little taste of what my everyday with them is like. Never a dull moment..would pretty much sum it up!!

Most importantly, the kids had a blast. :) 

They were totally into the maps!! :) 

All of us!! :) 

What a great day filled with great memories. 
These are the days when it really hits me how many amazing things God has given me. 
This group of 13 sweeties are my life. 
I am just humbled to have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. 
God is good.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our favorite little guy!

Today we celebrated Bryce's 2nd birthday with his family and friends!
Bryce is Julian and I's favorite little man. He is just the sweetest little boy you will ever meet!

Bryce's parents are J and I's closest friends as a couple! 
I grew up with Daniel (Bryce's Dad) and Julian grew up with Renee (Bryce's Mom) and we (as couples) have grown very close over the past year and a half since moving to CA. 
So naturally their little boy has us wrapped around his finger!! :)
Here are some pictures and a couple of videos from his party today!

When we got to the house today Renee had taught him say "Welcome to my party!"
It was adorable!


He is still learning the whole coloring thing! :)

Bryce and his friends!

He LOVES basketball!


He was so sweet when he was opening. As soon as he would see what it was he would respond with a "GASP" and then "TANKSHU" (his version of "thank you") :)

I love this video!!! :) 
Oh yes, and his party was an airplane theme. Renee is so creative, everything was decorated so cute!!

It was a good day!! Best birthday party I have attended in a while!!

Seriously though, how cute is he??!! :) Melts my heart!

Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm so excited...I can BARELY stand it!!!!!

For those of you that know my family in real life... you are WELL aware of what sports team we root for!!!

Well, I' m here to tell you....

My father spent the first 18 years of my brother's and my life turning us into St. Louis Cardinal fans...and let me tell WORKED!!!!

We are the REAL deal. Not the ban-wagon fans that you usually run into during this time of year...
we are the ALL year round...EVERY day....REAL fans!

If you aren't convinced yet...maybe this will convince you....
My parents have a bedroom in their home that is decorated with Cardinals stuff! All Cardinals!!!
The walls are red and blue...the bed is Cardinals...the pictures and decorations...all Cardinals!
ONLY a REAL Cardinal family would do that!!!! 

(this is the cake I had made for my parents 50th birthday party) 
You convinced about how big of fans we are yet?? ;) 

So you can imagine how EXCITED we are that we get another chance at the World Series!
After just having won it back in 2006!!!!

So tune in all starts Wednesday night. 
Who knows what will happen but so far we are VERY proud!!! 


By the way, if you would like to join the ban-wagon and be a fan for the next week or so we will gladly take you!!! But I must warn you...Cardinal fans are very may just be a fan for life afterwards! :) 
It's kind of addicting..because they are so AWESOME!!! :) 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's me. I'm back!!

Hi everyone!! :) 
I am sorry that I have been MIA in the blog world for...what has it been??...almost 3 months!! 
I have been feeling a little guilty lately for not giving any attention to my blog AND the ones I follow. 
I'm not even going to make excuses for this behavior, so instead I will just update you on some main happenings in our life the past few months!!

The last thing I posted on was my cousin coming to visit. She did, and it was wonderful! 
She is a total sweetheart and we had the BEST time! 

One week after she left, my younger brother David came out for a visit! 
We had a wonderful time with him. I'm so proud of David. He has grown up so much in the last year and I am seeing the man he is becoming. I love him so much and we loved being able to spend this quality time together. He started his senior year of college this fall, I am so excited to see all the things God is doing in his life and can't wait for him to take these next exciting steps!!

Ok ok...just because I said he was growing up doesn't mean he has some not so mature moments! ;) 

Reppin David's camp he worked in all summer! 

Old Town Sacramento

The day after David left us, Julian and I took off on a road trip to Salt Lake City.
We wanted to do one last fun thing for the summer and we enjoyed SLC so much when we went in the spring so we went again. It kinda helps that my bestie Courtney lives there! :) 
We, once again, had THE best time. I love that place. It's such a beautiful area.
I'm sure it won't be our last visit! 

We enjoyed a night at the SLC Bees baseball game! :) 

We love each other and we love cotton candy!! :) 

Every time we are together people ask or just assume we are twins. 
It is pretty amazing how much we look alike. 

We also went on a hike in the mountains to a beautiful waterfall! 

My sweet man! :) Handsome too, if I might add! 

You see those rocks behind us?? Yes, we climbed ALL the way to the top! It took us forever..but we made some great memories!

We got back from Utah and I jumped right back in to school! Spent the next two weeks getting everything ready, having teacher orientation and enjoying my last few moments of Summer Vacation!

We started school the day after Labor Day. 
It's been six weeks since then! I can't believe that. Time goes so fast! 
Our school went thru some changes this past summer for several different reasons, but resulted in an amazing change for me! Last year, I taught 1st and 2nd grade and over the summer I found out that we were doing some rearranging and I would be teaching 2nd and 3rd grades this year! 
If you do the math....this would give me the SAME exact kids that I had last year!
I was SO happy to hear this news. My kids and I became so close last year and I was sad that I had to say goodbye to half of them this year...but that didn't happen!! We get to stay together for this year too!

We are mature 2nd-3rd graders now!! This was the first day of school! 

:) Love them so much!

This is my classroom this year! :)

I went with a zoo animal theme!!

Oh yes, and I saved the best news for last! Do you remember the post I did HERE about my little man Bosa?? Well, if you remember I said that he would not be returning this year because of the family moving away. Well, some things changed and they ended up NOT moving! So, my little guy, is with me again! 

:) This is us on school picture day! He was so dressed up and handsome!

He has already given me several funny moments and crazy moments. So thankful the Lord has allowed me to have another year with him! 

Alrighty, that's about it! You will hopefully be hearing from me again...VERY soon!! :)

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