Sunday, May 8, 2011

so thankful she is mine...

It's Mother's Day! 
The day that we set aside to honor the person who brought us into this world.
The one who molded us into who and what we are today.
God allowed me to have an amazing Mom!

Sometimes I think of all the other situations I could have been born into. It makes me grateful beyond words because God gave me to the most wonderful parents in the world! 
It honestly humbles me.

I believe it must of been around the time when I was old enough to buy things for my Mom (on her birthday/mother's day) when I first had these thoughts. I clearly remember being in the store looking for the card to buy for my Mom and I would see these cards that would go on and on about how their Mom was now their best friend and they love being able to share everything...etc..etc...
I remember thinking....
Who in the world is ever best friend's with their MOM??!! 
As a teenager, especially, this really baffled me! :)
Mom's just aren't the normal teenager's best friend. lol Even in my younger college years I could just never relate to this kind of relationship.
I realize now that these cards are probably NEVER purchased by teenagers. lol 

You know, there is something about marriage that really changes you.
I'm not saying that people that don't get married until they are older aren't able to mature and become an true adult, but honestly when you get married EVERYTHING changes.
One of the biggest things is your relationship with your parents.
They are still your parents but they aren't responsible for you anymore. They aren't the ones that you "fall back on." Now you have your spouse. It's NOT all about you anymore, you have another person to think of.
It sort of "forces" you to become an adult!

After I got married, my relationship with my Mom really changed.
It started changing in the year before I actually got married but that probably had to do with the fact that I did a lot of growing up that year. 
My Mom had to do less and less "parenting" and started becoming my friend.

When I was a teenager if you would have came to me and told me that my Mom and I would have the relationship we have today. I would have probably laughed at you.
Now, I wouldn't trade the world for the close relationship we have.
She is my best friend.

Thank you Mom.....
* for everything you ever have and will teach me 
* for all the advice you give
* for showing by your example what a being a GREAT wife is
* for passing down your sarcastic personality! :) 
* for teaching me about being a true friend
*for encouraging me 
* for constantly making me laugh
* for your prayers
* for giving me the huge goal to try and be the kind of Mother you were to us
* for giving of yourself completely in everything that you do
* for being "hard" on us when we were younger because you wanted to make us the best we could be
* for teaching me to be a hard worker
* for listening to me talk and talk and talk on the phone :)
* for showing by example what it's like to have a true relationship with God
* for officially being....
my role model,
THE person I aspire to be most like! :)

I love you, Mom! 
This is our first Mother's Day apart.
I miss you so much and REALLY wish we could be together today!
Happy Mother's Day

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Like Mother..Like Daughter...

It's Memory Thursday and since this is Mother's Day week, I thought it fitting to give a memory of my Mom! :)

People that know my Mom and I repeatedly tell us how similar we are. In facial expressions and mannerisms and the way we talk or tell stories. Well, since getting married and moving away I often find myself doing things just like my Mom or saying something to one of my kids at school that my Mom used to say to us.
It's kind of scary at times!
I think, oh NO!!! My MOTHER would have said that!!!! :)
But then I think....I can't think of anyone else I would rather be like than my Mom!!! :)

Love this picture..just a snapshot taken by a friend on my wedding day of Mom and I waiting in between poses. Yes we really do act alike! :)

Well, growing up it was a continual family joke that whenever we would all drive somewhere together my Mom would constantly be the "passenger seat driver." It wasn't just a little thing. It happened ALL the time!!

Dad would be driving and Mom (very dramatically) would warn him of the car ahead that stepped on the brakes...or of a green light that was turning yellow...or of a car that would change lanes quickly and cut Dad off! Usually her dramatic warning would consist of her hand FLYING across and slapping Dad's leg and usually we would hear....
"THAT CAR!!!!"
or most of the time...
just a very loud....
haha...every time it happened we would all laugh!!!
Dad usually made some joke about how he wondered how he had NEVER gotten in a car wreck when she wasn't with him because without her "warnings" he definitely should have already had many many near death experiences!! :)

Well friends, here I am with my own husband now....
and he will attest that one of the most irritating things I do is when I am the  "passenger seat driver!"
It's BAD! I find myself doing it all the time!
Usually using the EXACT same phrases that would come out of my Mom's mouth...and of course,
I also do the "hand flying over and slapping his leg" thing too! :)

What can I say..How can I stop myself?!?
After all, I WAS trained by the best! :)
Love you Mom! Thanks for rubbing off on me!
By the way, it's nice to be able to use my Mom as an excuse when I get a look from Julian.
I say "I'm sorry! I get that from my MOM!!"
He can't be mad after that...he would never say anything negative about his Mother in-law! ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Break Road Trip!!

Today was "back to reality" day for me.
 I have spent the last week and a half enjoying one of THE best Spring Break's ever!!

A few weeks back my wonderful husband, all on his own, decided to take me on a road trip to see some very dear friends of mine that live in Salt Lake City, Utah.
I was shocked when he brought it up! We had been throwing some ideas back and forth of what we could do on our break (he had already requested this week off as one of his vacation weeks also). 
One night we were driving and out of the blue he says, "I want to take you to Salt Lake." 
I said..."WHAT?! Really!!!" 

I was SO excited! I have two really great friends there in SLC!!
One, is my good friend Tab who I grew up, she was one of my bridesmaid and teaches in a Christian school there in UT. The other is my sweet friend Courtney. I have known Courtney for a long time but it wasn't until last fall that Court and I became super close. One day we started chatting back and forth and we just never stopped. She is now one of my best friends!! I was so excited to see her since it would be the first time we would be together since our friendship has grown!!

Have I mentioned that I have the best husband on the planet?!?! :) 
I DO!!!!

So, we took off on Sunday evening and drove a few hours then stopped and finished the trip on Monday.
We arrived in beautiful Salt Lake on Monday afternoon and stayed until Thursday morning.
My friend Tab, had been in Michigan seeing her (now fiance) David and was supposed to return on Monday p.m. but due to plane issues she didn't come in till Tuesday afternoon. 

Here are some pictures of us on our "road trip". We had a lot of fun on the "road"!!

Monday night we had a great time being introduced to the SLC area!! 
We were also introduced to Courtney's "special someone", Matt! We spent the evening getting to know each other and "bonding" over Mexican food, a drive in the mountains, and bowling!! 

It was so fun to "double date"! 
Our guys got along very well and are actually a lot a like which just made the night so much better!! 

Tuesday, we spent the day shopping and doing girl things like a trip to the nail salon!! Julian just came along for the ride. It's times like these that I'm so happy I married a guy that grew up in a house full of girls!! :) He is very understanding (most of the time) when it comes to shopping etc...
Tab also returned on this day!! It was very nice to see her again!!!

Tuesday night, Courtney's parents had us over for dinner. It was a nice relaxing evening and we had a great time eating, laughing and playing games!!

Wednesday was such a beautiful day!!!! It was sunny with clear skies. Tab had to teach all day so Courtney took us through more of Salt Lake. We did a "drive by" of the Mormon Temple and the Capitol building.
Isn't this just a gorgeous place!?! Look at those mountains!!!

We took a walk in the park and just relaxed enjoying the time together.

Wednesday night we were able to see several old friends that all attend Courtney and Tab's church.
It was great to catch up and see people we haven't seen in a while!!

Not to be repetitive, BUT it was truly a GREAT trip! We had a such a wonderful time. 
Thanks to my two awesome friends who "put up with us" and showed us their amazing city!

We would love to come back again soon!!!! Thanks friends for making it a memorable Spring Break!!
Miss you girls already! :)

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