Thursday, October 28, 2010

A beautiful day at the pumpkin farm....

Today was such a great day!
I think my sweet little autistic student summed it up pretty well when he leaned over to me at lunch and whispered..."Today was the BEST fun I EVER had!" :)

We, the 1st and 2nd grade class, have been counting down the days till October 28....
For the last week I have had to stop fights about how many exact days there were till today....
For today we went on our first field trip of the year!!
To - G & M Farms
We were SO excited!!!
And it was everything we hoped it would be...and more....
Here is our day in pictures!!!

"Mrs. Balatbat!!!! We are HERE!!! "
Right away, we went on our hayride!!! Let me tell you CA definitely has more modern hayride equipment than IN.....haha...but that's only because they don't use it for actual farms!! :)
Ready to have a great day!!!

The hayride took us the the "pumpkin classroom" where got our very own "pumpkin lecture."
They loved it!!
He was having a blast!!
(btw...this is my autistic of these days I will dedicate a post to him! He is so special to me! His name is Bosa...)
the "pumpkin teacher" :)
Even the kindergarten were very impressed!
My boys!
Next on the agenda was the hay bale maze! It was lots of fun!!! They went crazy!

My girls!!!
After that craziness we found some more craziness over at the "corn" box....just like a sandbox but instead it was filled with corn! What a blast!
Bosa was having the time of his life!
He definitely had this coming to him! He stared the corn dumping fight!! I love this picture!
the girls were doing more girly making "corn" snowmen..:)
until...they started burying each other in corn....
they eventually convinced me to join them...
it was so fun!
until...they started burying me...
all done!!
Then they all wanted a turn!

Next, we looked at the animal part of the farm...

haha..only Bosa!
Miss Kelso with the 3rd and 4th grade!
All of us with Bosa being the center of attention like normal....
Silly faces!
the more mature 3rd and 4th graders...

Our animals...
Bosa, the goat....
I'm so glad Michelle and I get to share these memories together!!
In the hay tunnel

I love him!
Eunice and her pumpkin!
Gabi and I picking our pumpkins!
All done :(
Going home....
Bye Pumpkin Farm....we had so much fun today!!!

We made so many memories today! I can't wait till our next field trip!
Let me just say...for those hours today I, for the first time this year, actually felt like it was Fall....all of you back home...don't take for granted your beautiful fall don't realize how great it is until you don't have it anymore....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prayer Request Time...

I realize I haven't really blogged much about the actual day to day of school since the year started...Let's see, how would I describe my life the last 8 weeks..btw, I can't believe it has been that long already! Time is flying by....
These are some words that describe my first eight weeks of teaching...
Never a dull moment
Sore Feet
Grading that never stops
Early mornings
Late nights
Frustrating moments
Crazy moments
Moments I just want to cry
Happy moments
Hilarious moments
Needles to say, I have never experienced anything like these last 2 months in my entire life...In the last two months, I have fallen in love with 12 little children. They are such a great group of kids! Not one day passes when I don't have some story to tell about them...
One of my absolute favorite parts of the day is prayer request time, during Bible class...
I hear so many things...sometimes they say silly things that have nothing to do with prayer, other times they share their hearts...Here are some things that I have heard when asking for prayer request...

1. Pray that we won't have any earthquakes today.... (this is a result of actually having one the very first week of school)

2. Pray for my Mom (very serious face)..."Oh, is she ok??"...Yeah, she just
stubbed her toe...(huge smile)

3. Pray for my baby sister's crib, that it won't fall down while she is
in it... "Oh, ok!!" Very confused by this one...especially since the "sister" isn't born yet..:)

4. I love you, Mrs. Balatbat... "I love you too...but is that a prayer request??
Remember, prayer request time is for things that we want to talk to God about" :) (How do you not melt when you hear that??)

5. Pray that that bad guy won't come to our church again next Sunday... hmm...I didn't really know how to respond to this my reply was "OK" ... I found out later, there was a guy that was at their church making a lot of noise during the service..haha...

6. Pray for ALL my babysitters...(long pause)....I like them soo much!...
sooo sweet! :)

7. Pray that my Dad and Mom will stop fighting...and that my Mom will run the family business better... :( What do you say to that? That child has obviously heard way too much at home! Sad...

8. Pray for my Mother and my Father... Trust me this child is far far from being the type that would call his parents Mother and Father...that's why this one really made me laugh!

9. On Saturday, Giselle and me went to the zoo!!!! haha....once again...not something we talk to God about!

What can I say... I have some of the funniest, cutest kids on the planet in my class...
Just look at them!! :)
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