Friday, February 3, 2012

This week..

It was a good week at Bethel Christian Academy and I just wanted to share some cute pictures and stories from this week!

First, the bunny. 
One of my little men, Obadiah, asked me one day if he could bring his bunny to school. Me, being the AWESOME teacher that I am ;) said, OF COURSE! 

Well, I would like to introduce you to Obadiah and his "bunny"! 

That is the BIGGEST bunny that I have ever seen!! He is the size of a small dog!! Pretty sure, I had a different kind of bunny in my head when I agreed to that!! haha, lets just say this day was very interesting!! The kids LOVED it though!! 

All, of us with the bunny! 

Here are a few cute pictures we took during recess today and thought I would share!!

Some of the girls and me!

The boys wanted to take a "manly" picture..and this is what we came up with!! :) 
They are so funny! 

Last little news of the week, tonight our Volleyball season started with our first game!!
I was pretty nervous about it because it would be my first time coaching alone, since my partner in crime decided she would rather get married and move 3000 miles away instead of coaching with me (love you Michelle)! ;) 

I was so proud of them tonight, we started out our season right with a win!!!
Way to go BETHEL!! 

 p.s..yes, as you can see California is SUPER sunny!!! They DEFINITELY needed the black marks on their cheeks. The sun shines so bright here in February!!! ;) 

Hope you all have a nice weekend! 

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