Thursday, May 5, 2011

Like Mother..Like Daughter...

It's Memory Thursday and since this is Mother's Day week, I thought it fitting to give a memory of my Mom! :)

People that know my Mom and I repeatedly tell us how similar we are. In facial expressions and mannerisms and the way we talk or tell stories. Well, since getting married and moving away I often find myself doing things just like my Mom or saying something to one of my kids at school that my Mom used to say to us.
It's kind of scary at times!
I think, oh NO!!! My MOTHER would have said that!!!! :)
But then I think....I can't think of anyone else I would rather be like than my Mom!!! :)

Love this picture..just a snapshot taken by a friend on my wedding day of Mom and I waiting in between poses. Yes we really do act alike! :)

Well, growing up it was a continual family joke that whenever we would all drive somewhere together my Mom would constantly be the "passenger seat driver." It wasn't just a little thing. It happened ALL the time!!

Dad would be driving and Mom (very dramatically) would warn him of the car ahead that stepped on the brakes...or of a green light that was turning yellow...or of a car that would change lanes quickly and cut Dad off! Usually her dramatic warning would consist of her hand FLYING across and slapping Dad's leg and usually we would hear....
"THAT CAR!!!!"
or most of the time...
just a very loud....
haha...every time it happened we would all laugh!!!
Dad usually made some joke about how he wondered how he had NEVER gotten in a car wreck when she wasn't with him because without her "warnings" he definitely should have already had many many near death experiences!! :)

Well friends, here I am with my own husband now....
and he will attest that one of the most irritating things I do is when I am the  "passenger seat driver!"
It's BAD! I find myself doing it all the time!
Usually using the EXACT same phrases that would come out of my Mom's mouth...and of course,
I also do the "hand flying over and slapping his leg" thing too! :)

What can I say..How can I stop myself?!?
After all, I WAS trained by the best! :)
Love you Mom! Thanks for rubbing off on me!
By the way, it's nice to be able to use my Mom as an excuse when I get a look from Julian.
I say "I'm sorry! I get that from my MOM!!"
He can't be mad after that...he would never say anything negative about his Mother in-law! ;)


Brooke's Insights to LIfe said...

Love this memory of yours..hope I never have to drive with you in my car, or I might hit you back :)

Nicole said...

Well I must say in all our rides out on the bus route I never saw this side of you, and I am pretty sure I am not a very good driver, lol! I loved this memory, and it reminded me of why I love your mom...I see you in her, and even though we live so far apart, I have a piece of you back here in IN!!

Sharon said...

I LOVED that picture when I first saw it in Nicole's blog. It captures, exactly, the two of you & how alike you are. Exact same expressions, beauty, gestures, love of laughter, and overall goodness! Love it!

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