Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm SO happy to announce....

Friday evening a very best friend of mine, Michelle,
 became a BRIDE-TO-BE!!!!

I am just beyond happy for her. 
She was the Maid of Honor in our wedding and it just makes me so happy that I will be standing up on that very same platform with her on her day as well!!! :)

To me, Michelle is that friend who has always always been there! 
We grew up together and our entire childhood we were best buddies! We have so many memories..I would never be able to write about all of them...but here are a few...

Having slumber parties at each other houses, sharing our twin beds and giggling long into the night.
Being together when her family went through the horrible time of losing their home in a fire.
Countless birthday parties.
Being together the day when I was in a horrible accident...and Michelle always visiting me and wanting to stay with me and push me in my wheel chair, the entire summer.
Countless hours spent playing on the school playground after school! (Both of our Mom's worked in the school office, so we would play together until they got off of work)
In high school, being inseparable and being able to share anything and everything with each other.
Through college, always being the constant, never changing, faithful friend.

Michelle is a friend that I can honestly say I don't think that we have ever had a fight!!
Seriously, we just get each other. Most of the time, we don't even need to say anything.
She is the friend that I can make eye contact at across the room and I know exactly what she is thinking without ever discussing it.

Michelle and I had the awesome opportunity to teach in the same school together out here in California for this entire past school year!
How crazy is that?!

My best friend and I, 2000 miles away from home, get to teach in the same school!!

When I moved out here to CA after getting married, on one hand, I was SO excited to start my life and new family with Julian, but on the other hand....
It was one of the saddest times in my life.
That may sound weird and I don't really think that anyone can imagine the feeling unless you have lived it.
I was/am always always homesick.
I never realized how much of a "homebody" I was until I came to California. I said all that to say, that having Michelle here in California with me was, I truly believe, a gift from God.
That may sound totally cheesy, but it's honestly the truth!
God allowed me to have my childhood best friend here with me for this first year. It allowed me to ALWAYS have a little piece of home. There was always someone there that knew exactly how I was thinking, where I was coming from, and someone that knows ME as a person so well, my best friend!
What a blessing!!
I am so thankful for that!

About this last year, wow, I just can't explain how great it's been for our friendship!
It's so great, because now we are both adults, living our own lives but we have this solid friendship that goes back to when we were children.
We made SO many memories this past year.

We did all our class field trips together.
We had a blast coaching the high school girls Volleyball team together!

Everyday one of us would be in the other's classroom sharing a story...

So many hilarious moments in our teacher's meetings (we have them everyday) funny things are bound to happen...especially when you have our boss!!
I think just about everyday, Michelle would kick me really hard under the table during these meetings.
Many times, we couldn't make eye contact or else we would crack up!

We had many many shopping trips.
Nights at our house having dinner and relaxing!
So many conversations, about spiritual decisions, discipline issues with our kids, the right/wrong way to deal with a fellow peer, laughing our heads off about certain school situations.

My favorite part of the day at school, was just about every evening we would wait for each other and we would walk to our cars together and discuss that certain day or certain situations...
I didn't realize it then...but those are the times when I look back at them and think...
Wow, what a GREAT friend I have in her.
We totally, completely get each other!
I honestly don't think you get many friendships like that in a lifetime.

So, now you know (maybe too well :) ha! how I feel about Michelle and what a great friend she is....
Maybe you can see how EXCITED I am for her and her upcoming wedding!!!
I love her fiance', he truly is a great man, and I am so happy for the two of them!
Although, I am so sad that she will be leaving me here in California, I, once again, am soooo sooo thankful for this past year that we have had together!
I will always always always remember our memories and I know that Michelle and I truly have a....
LIFELONG friendship!
I can't wait to celebrate her wedding...but first....we have A LOT of planning to do!!!!
Bring it on, I LOVE weddings!!!


Natalie said...

Sounds like an awesome friend =D And glad you're back to blogging! =D

Nicole said...

Wow, before I had a chance to comment on your last post you have already written another!! ;) Such a sweet post dedicated to Chellie; and I do find it pretty amazing that God allowed you and her to live in the same place for an entire year! I know you will miss her, but this post goes to show that friendships like yours and hers can only get better over time! Love ya girl!

Anonymous said...

Isn't God good? Love, Mom

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