Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm so excited...I can BARELY stand it!!!!!

For those of you that know my family in real life... you are WELL aware of what sports team we root for!!!

Well, I' m here to tell you....

My father spent the first 18 years of my brother's and my life turning us into St. Louis Cardinal fans...and let me tell WORKED!!!!

We are the REAL deal. Not the ban-wagon fans that you usually run into during this time of year...
we are the ALL year round...EVERY day....REAL fans!

If you aren't convinced yet...maybe this will convince you....
My parents have a bedroom in their home that is decorated with Cardinals stuff! All Cardinals!!!
The walls are red and blue...the bed is Cardinals...the pictures and decorations...all Cardinals!
ONLY a REAL Cardinal family would do that!!!! 

(this is the cake I had made for my parents 50th birthday party) 
You convinced about how big of fans we are yet?? ;) 

So you can imagine how EXCITED we are that we get another chance at the World Series!
After just having won it back in 2006!!!!

So tune in all starts Wednesday night. 
Who knows what will happen but so far we are VERY proud!!! 


By the way, if you would like to join the ban-wagon and be a fan for the next week or so we will gladly take you!!! But I must warn you...Cardinal fans are very may just be a fan for life afterwards! :) 
It's kind of addicting..because they are so AWESOME!!! :) 


Elizabeth said...

Hehe, yeah... that would be me- a ban-wagon fan. But I was a Cardinals fan before this past week, does that count? :)

Nicole said...

Yay for the Cardinals!!!

What state do they play for??? ;)

Natalie said...

I'm neither a bandwagon nor die-hard fan... which I guess is kinda bad seeing how I live literally 15 minutes from Bush stadium... yeah. But maybe I'll join the bandwagon this time around =) For your sake (lol)

Anonymous said...

Great post! GO CARDS!!!!
Love, Mom

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