Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our favorite little guy!

Today we celebrated Bryce's 2nd birthday with his family and friends!
Bryce is Julian and I's favorite little man. He is just the sweetest little boy you will ever meet!

Bryce's parents are J and I's closest friends as a couple! 
I grew up with Daniel (Bryce's Dad) and Julian grew up with Renee (Bryce's Mom) and we (as couples) have grown very close over the past year and a half since moving to CA. 
So naturally their little boy has us wrapped around his finger!! :)
Here are some pictures and a couple of videos from his party today!

When we got to the house today Renee had taught him say "Welcome to my party!"
It was adorable!


He is still learning the whole coloring thing! :)

Bryce and his friends!

He LOVES basketball!


He was so sweet when he was opening. As soon as he would see what it was he would respond with a "GASP" and then "TANKSHU" (his version of "thank you") :)

I love this video!!! :) 
Oh yes, and his party was an airplane theme. Renee is so creative, everything was decorated so cute!!

It was a good day!! Best birthday party I have attended in a while!!

Seriously though, how cute is he??!! :) Melts my heart!


Natalie said...

Aww! He looks like such a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD!!!! My little nephew is the most adorable EVER!!! I love him and miss him so much! But I will see him soon!!! :)) Cute post...thanks for sharing! Love ya!

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