Friday, November 6, 2009

My People!

My Fiance Julian!

So, this is the man of my dreams!!! I know that that is a phrase that is way over used but how else do you say it? :) Julian was born and raised in Northern California and I am so happy that the Lord led him to INDIANA for college!! Our freshman year we had some classes together and this is when we first got to know each other...(although we were both dating other people at that time :) Over Christmas break of our freshman year we both ended up breaking up with our boyfriend/girlfriend at the time!! Which meant he came back to school (I live here in the same town as the school) and we were both "available"!!!! By February we figured out that we had mutual feelings for each other and the rest is history! :) On October 9, 2009, he asked me to marry him!!!!! We will be getting married July 2, 2010!!! (Only 237 days from now!!!) Our plans after our wedding are to move back to California and start our life together!

My Parents!

I have the most wonderful parents in the world!!! I truly do!! I love them so much and it will be so very hard for me when I move 2000 miles away from them! They have taken care of us (I also have two brothers ...see below..) and sacrificed so much to make sure we had everything we needed and more.... Not only that but they raised us in a good church where we learned about God from the time we were little! They mean so much to me..I owe them everything! I am so glad that we have a great relationship and I know that they will always always be there for me!!

My brothers!!

Here they are...the 2 people that I spent the first 19 years of my life making memories with. I have great brothers...not always perfect...but great! We had an AWESOME childhood together....there were times spent every fall raking leaves together, times chasing each other around the house, doing a paperroute together in the middle of the night, training for a marathon together (very early mornings), climbing in the Teton Mountains in Wyoming together, Christmas', Birthdays, them being over protective, them being annoying :), wrestling each other on the living room floor when Mom and Dad were out of the house, mowing other people's lawns, mowing our own HUGE lawn...and on and on.... I love my brothers! Now we all live in separate parts of the country....but I know they are always a phone call away!
p.s....I do realize that I look horrible in this is our most recent one together this summer...but it was taken verrrrrryy late at night...:)

Now, there are many other people that mean so much to me and I'm sure you will be hearing all about them in future post... but these are the people who are #1 in my life!

Have a wonderful night.....:)


Pedro Garcia Millan said...
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Mrs. Lovely said...

You seem really happy. Congrats on your engagement as well!

Nicole E. LaBate said...

I'm so excited that you have decided to join the blogging world!!! I was a little disappointed not to see my picture amoungst your favorite people! J/K Luv ya!

Sharon said...

Dizzy Lizzy has a blog!!! Very nice! You go girl!

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