Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of Teaching!!!

I would like to introduce you to:
Bethel Christian Academy's
First and Second Grade Class '10-'11

Today it was official! I was done with all the training and preparation...I officially became a teacher today! What an amazing feeling! What a incredible responsibility!!!
I was sick to my stomach this morning as I prepared for the day ahead! I don't remember ever being that scared! The nervousness lasted about the first half hour of the school day and then I was able to enjoy myself! I had a blast! My 12 kids are absolutely ADORABLE!!!
Here is your chance to see some of them!
Gabrielle and Gizelle
(complete sweethearts)
Austin (goofy)
Obi (cutest kid ever! but kind of an airhead:)
Twins Ashley and Melissa (super sweet) and Katrina (cute and very well behaved!)
Yahir (quiet and kind) and Victoria (sweet and great personality)
James (stinker but he makes me smile too)
So that is most of my class... as you can see I so far have very positive things to say about them! We will see if I am still saying those things after the first month! :)

Now, here are some pictures that my husband was snapping at the beginning of the day. (This is about the time when my stomach was in knots and I was very nervous!) I met most of the parents and children for the very first time this morning! I stressed a lot over those first few minutes b/c at our school the parents are welcome to stay in the classroom for however long they wish on any day of the year! Now, thats pressure! I am just glad I had some warning about that! So not only did I have 12 children to introduce myself to and establish my role as their teacher but the entire time I had parents around the classroom "checking their child's new teacher's teaching skills out." Ha..let's just say...I am glad that is over! :)
It actually went very smoothly! That probably had something to do with the fact that I had the exact words I was going to say in that first half hour basically memorized! :) Also, a HUGE plus is that all the parents seem super nice and supportive!

This is leaving the basketball court where the whole school participates in pledges to start the day off! I mainly posted this b/c my best friend Michelle is in this picture as well! Michelle and I grew up together and now we are teaching in the same school 2000 miles away from where we grew up! It is so nice having her in the next room over!
That's me in the distance meeting some parents as the kids are going to the classroom!

Meeting Yahir
Now here are some pictures of just my classroom! I love it! I spent a lot of time on it the last couple of weeks and it turned out better than I imagined!
Me at my podium!
The front of the class. I love my little stool! We all have one in our classrooms! It's nice to be able to get off your feet a little bit during the day!
From the back view! Love my big desk!
Teacher's desk
sink, microwave and book shelves
If you can't tell my classroom theme is flowers this year! We have to pick a theme for the entire year and I thought flowers was nice and simple for my first year!
Reading table and cubbies
Front view of the room!
There it is! My domain! I love it!
Please pray for me this year! I am realizing more and more that teaching is HUGE responsibility!
I am sure there will be more teaching post to come!


Anonymous said...

Your classroom looks so nice. It's hard for me to imagine that you are actually teaching "for real"!!! That's awesome - really happy for you. You will do a GREAT job. Your kids are adorable. We are praying for you.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

wow! You are going to be a great teacher. Just like that great photographer that took those AMAZING pictures :)... I Love you, Your Husband

Nicole said...

Just wanted to let you know that your room looks so very adorable! I am so glad that your first day went well; I am positive that you will be a great teacher. Miss ya, girl!

Brooke's Insights to LIfe said...

Liz- what can I say that hasn't already been said- your classroom, children, boards, and even your desk all look amazing. I am confident that you will make the kind of teacher that years later those students of your will point back and say "Mrs. B. was my favorite teacher ever- wasn't she yours too?"

Mrs. Murdock said...

What an amazing room! How many teachers have their own computer, sink and microwave in one room! You also have a great reading cirle...I want to come to your are a great teacher...I can see it.

Elsabeth said...

Glad you had a great first day! I know you will have lots of fun and that your students will love you!
Enjoy your first year :)!

Sharon said...

Diz - You have "no clue" how awesome your room looks! That's so exciting that you're finally starting teaching! Congrats to ya!

Jessica said...

I noticed the pink!!! :)

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