Monday, August 9, 2010


This post is basically all pictures of our honeymoon...for those of you that are interested! For those of you that are not..:) might not want to waste your time because I'm warning you...there are a lot of pictures of Julian and I in this post!
We had a great time on our honeymoon! It already feels like it was ages ago. It went by super fast. We spent our first weekend in Downtown Chicago and then went to San Antonio, TX. for the next Monday-Friday. These pictures will pretty much fill you in on what all we did!

These first pictures are some of my favorites from our "honeymoon." This (as you can see) was actually our wedding night. I have to say these pictures were all my idea..but I'm so glad we did was so fun and we made great memories! happy to finally be married....

...haha...yes we are jumping on the bed...:)

good stuff! :)

Saturday we spent time on Michigan Ave...

Love this one!

Downtown is so pretty!

Saturday night we went to Dave and Buster's

We won a lot of tokens!

Julian got me this ring with our tokens! :) I thought this was a good way to start our marriage! :)

July 4th

We went to Navy Pier

Decided to go on a lake tour! It was so beautiful and so much fun!

On the boat

Love the skyline of Chicago!

Riding in the water taxi back to our hotel

Waiting for the firework show at Navy Pier!

yay! I love fireworks!

Our room was the middle of the three with lights on (far left corner)

Our room was so beautiful! We had an amazing view of downtown and the lake!
On the airplane..heading for San Antonio!

One of the first things we did was do the boat tour of the river walk. This was Julian's first time here in San Antonio so it was a great way to start our week here!

The river walk is beautiful!

I loved this building! It looks like it's paper thin! My husband knows how to keep me happy! :) Mt. Dew!
We went to Sea World two days during our time there! It was a lot of fun! The first day we watched all the shows and road the dry rides. The second day we went prepared for the water rides! We had a great time!

A 4D!
Waiting for Shamu!!!!
There he is!!!

Watching the shows!
Me and fake Shamu!
We were feeling like real tourist!!!!
Back on the riverwalk! We stayed right on the riverwalk in downtown San Antonio so every day we would just walk up and down it! It never gets's a beautiful place!

The Alamo is right downtown!

Right outside the mall on the riverwalk there were these men that played their instruments all day long. It was so nice just to sit and listen!

I loved the mall! All the glass windows make it look very unique!

After our second day at Sea World! (Notice the wet hair) :)

On our last night..we dressed up and went out!

We had Ben and Jerry's for dessert! YUM!!
This was our last morning..we went for one last walk before we headed to the airport!

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