Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our First Christmas

I am aware that I have been a horrible blogger the last month! I apologize!:)

Our holiday season was filled with so many great memories!! We were busy busy busy!!! I took so many pictures of all of the festivities but I tried to narrow it down a little for you! 

The last day of school we had our Christmas party! It was a such a great day! We made Christmas cards for their parents and used WAY too much glitter! Then the whole whole school had lunch together in the church auditorium that was tons of fun! Several of the school parents planned for it, decorated and served us all lunch! After the lunch we then finished the day opening gifts...theirs from me and then mine from them!!

As I mentioned before, the week of Christmas I was able to make a quick trip home to Indiana to see my family and friends back home! I had a very eventful time trying to make it to Indiana...after my flight being cancelled the first day and then delayed till the next night..I eventually made it.
As a result, my trip was shortened to only two days long but I was able to fit a lot in during my stay!
My best friends and I spent one of the mornings doing a fun photo shoot, getting manicures and going to lunch! Great memories were made!

My family and I spent an evening in Downtown Chicago. We went to the zoo and looked at their awesome Christmas lights and ice sculptures! Chicago is such a beautiful city at Christmas!

My girls and I were also able to have our annual Christmas together. Who knows the next time we will all be together for that again! 

I was also present for my family's Christmas! I am such a lucky girl, I have the best family on earth! I miss them so much!

After all that I came back to California and my husband on Christmas Eve.
We had a wonderful first Christmas together. Christmas morning we opened our gifts.

Then we spent the rest of the day with Julian's family. 

Our first Christmas was definitely full of memories and good times!!!


Nicole said...

Love all your pictures; they bring to life your eventful holiday! :) So glad you are back to the blogworld! ;) See you soon!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great Chritmas! I think I need to get into this blog thing :)

elizabethann2009 said...

Aww, what a super cute post! BTW- how do you guys do the collage (sp?) pics? Love ya,


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