Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

Do you remember your childhood best friend?
Meet Gabi and Giselle.
These two are currently my favorite set of "best friends."
Gabi and Giselle are definitely "two peas in a pod!"
They are your typical set of "best friends"
Gabi is the quiet, reserved one
Giselle is the witty, outgoing one
I LOVE these two sweet girls!
I love that they refer to each other as " my best friend" even when they are standing next to each other.
Here is an example of an everyday conversation I might have with these two.

Gabi and Giselle standing by my desk at lunch
Giselle: (while raising hand) "Mrs. Balatbat"
Me: "Yes, Giselle?"
Giselle: "Ummm....my best friend and I went biking last night"
Me: "Oh really!! Gabi (standing right next to her) did you have fun biking?"
Gabi: "Yes, and then we went to McDonalds!" (big grin on face)

Here's another: (in the middle of a lesson)
Gabi(raises her hand)
Me: "Yes, Gabi"
Gabi: "Ummm....me and my best friend went to the zoo"
Me: "Oh really!"
I glance at Giselle who is sitting at her desk grinning and shaking her head up and down as if to say "Yep we did!"

These two definitely have the ability to make my day no matter what mood I am in. 
I love that they have this unwavering dedication to their friendship!
As is the case with most children who are best friends, so are their parents. These families are amazing!
They will do absolutely anything to help me in the classroom, whether its grading, cleaning, buying something for the class, fixing something, sharpening  pencils for the kids, running an errand to the office for me, making breakfast for the class, bringing me Jamba Juice on really hot days and coffee on really cold days etc etc....
Separately each parent treats each of these two girls like they are their own!
When the school year started I was almost convinced that they each thought they had two Dad's. They each call their own "Dad" and the other "Poppi" 
It's so cute!!
I have been extremely lucky to have these two girls and their families be apart of my first year of teaching!!
Finally, I LOVE that they are only in 1st grade....
which means...
I have another entire year with them!! 


Anonymous said...

So sweet, Liz!!! They are adorable!

Nicole said...

They are just precious! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww...I love those girls!! They are so sweet! Haha...I just smiled thinking about Giselle coming to my room asking for a fork! :)


Anonymous said...

Aww this is too cute, Liz. Brought back so many memories of you and me. You were always the one talking and I was always the one just laughing. <3

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