Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I just LOVE going home!

Last week at this time Julian and I were rushing around doing our last minute packing for our trip back to Indiana! We left for the airport Thursday morning at 4:30 a.m. as soon as Julian got home from work (he has a midnight shift). We landed in Chicago around 1:30 p.m. and our busy weekend started!

To start I would like to talk about the real reason for our visit to Indiana...

Tyler and Mary
On Friday, February 18, Tyler Brock and Mary Johnson became...

Mr and Mrs Tyler Brock!!!!

These two people are separately and together two of Julian and I's dearest friends.
Mary and I go way back. We have been friends basically since her family moved back to the United States after being missionaries in Mexico. If I remember correctly that was in the 4th or 5th grade. 
Throughout Jr. high and high school Mary and I were very very close!! She is one of those friends that never changes. She is constant and she has such a sweet heart and is just an all around selfless person! 
Tyler and Julian didn't meet until college and even then didn't really have a close friendship until the end of our sophomore year. When Julian and Tyler are together they are something else...they can constantly make you laugh! I know that Julian is very thankful for the friendship that Tyler and he's one that I know will last a very long time!!

As couples, Tyler and Mary and Julian and I did A LOT together. Especially during our last two years of college when our relationships were heading the same direction and our relationships were both getting to be serious. When we went on group dates, Tyler and Mary were always there...we had countless lunch dates together in the school cafeteria. They were the couple that we always paired up with...

So, we just HAD to come to Indiana to see our dear friends married off!!
Plus, my handsome husband had the honor of standing by his friend at the altar as his Best Man! 

Here are some pics from the special night!

Us with the happy couple!

Mary was a beautiful bride!

Feeding each other the cake at the reception!

Nice Tyler..just rub it all over her face!! :)

Going in for another Kiss! aww..

Leaving the reception!!

The Bridal Party looking on as they kiss!

Groom and his Groomsmen!

Bride and her Bridesmaids!

Like I said before, Mary and I were very close in high school but we weren't the only two in our little group! 
Sarah, Michelle, Mary and I were a foursome!!! We all have grown up and it's so hard to believe that three out of the four of us are married!!! Where does the time go? But it is so nice to know that although we aren't as close as we once were, we are all still friends!! I know the four of us will always have a special friendship!!!
Michelle was not able to make it to the wedding..seeing as we teach in the same school out here in CA...they couldn't let both of us get off for the trip..:( but she was in this picture in spirit! :) are the three of us that are married women! Now, we just need Michelle to join us! ;)

Here are some other random pictures from the wedding I thought you may enjoy!
 Having fun with the Swangims!

Getting ready to finish up these pictures!!! Can you see it on their faces?? They were ready to be done!

Love this one of Mary with her nephews and niece!!!! 
Soo adorable!

And this is too precious...Mary saying bye to her ring bearer!


One more of the sweet newlyweds!

Although the main purpose for the visit was the wedding...we were also able to fit several other fun things in!

Friday afternoon, while Julian was doing Best Man things, my dear best friend Nicole and I spent the entire afternoon together! I miss her so much way out here in's really not fair that we live SO far apart!! Over the past, (almost 8 months..can you believe it?!?!) since we got married, Nicole and I have stayed very close! I am thankful for that!!
We decide to spend our afternoon traveling to IL to check out a store that one of our other best friends had discovered and raved about!!! Let me just say....this place was AWESOME!! 
Actually you can read more the store at Nicole's blog!!
 We had a wonderful time doing what we do best....TALKING and SHOPPING!!!! :)
I miss my in person time with Nicole..she is such an incredible friend! 

Here's a little peak at the store!

Happy to be shopping and doing it had been too long!! 

Another part of Nicole and I's friendship that is great is that our families have become very good friends as we couldn't be in Indiana without spending time with the whole fam!
After the wedding on Friday night the LaBate's came over to my parents house and we had a wonderful time with them!!! 
LaBate girls and I! 

Last (but far from least) was the great time we spent with Dad and Mom!!!!!
I love them so much!
 We had such an awesome time with them!!!
Eating / Shopping


Just being together again!

I love them so much!

We spent our last evening, Sunday after church, out with some great friends!!!
here are a few pictures that I snapped!
Us with Andrea and Dustin (another couple that Julian and I were college friends with)...with Mr and Mrs the background! 

Here are the Leslie kids...leaving an empty space for Sharon...:)
We missed you Sharon!

I am so glad that we were able to take this little trip back! I love seeing all the people that I grew up with and that all had a part in my those years! I love my home church and even though it hasn't been extremely long since I have lived at is so refreshing to come back and visit!!! 
So....I am definitely looking forward to next time....
Hopefully soon....unless.....ALL of you back home just want to come see me!!! :)
It's only fair......we should take turns!!! 


Nicole said...

The wedding was absolutely beautiful as was the bride; both inside and out...So glad you were able to visit for a couple of days and squeeze in some time with the LaBate fam! ;)

Mrs. E said...

It was good to see you guys - we would LOVE to come visit you in CA!!!!!
Hey wait!!!! I just commented!!! Woohoo!! :-)

Anonymous said...

The wedding was great! LOVE Mar Mar and Tyler!! She is definitely one of my favorites! It was really fun to spend time with you two also! We miss you so much! Hopefully coming to CA soon! Love, Mom

Brooke's Insights to LIfe said...

I love when you come home too! :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Liz!! I love the one of your mom and dad laughing so hard! So funny you are all married off now--well-almost--I think I will come to Cali now because we have more snow :)

Anonymous said...

Awee!!! I love the pics...and yes I do need to join you married ladies!!! =) So glad you got to go home for a visit!

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