Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Science/History Fair

Bethel Christian Academy had it's annual Science/History Fair recently!
The lower Elementary, Jr. High and High Schooler's all do a science project and display the results on this night. While the 4th-6th graders do history projects.
The younger grades don't make individual projects (b/c of the obvious reasons like...they can barely color in the lines let alone come up with a science project and then make a display showing it off). No, what happens is....
The teacher makes it!!!!!!
That's the way! :) 
I was a little nervous about my first science project (as a teacher)...but it turned out great!
Since the "theme" of my classroom this year was flowers...I decided that our science project would go along with it! 

All during the month of January I took Science class and taught on plants.
Anything and everything about plants.
The first week back I went out and bought pots, dirt and grass seed (I didn't want to grow flowers...I was just a little scared that they might not grow in January) 
They painted their pots and we planted their grass seed and we waited......
I was just slightly worried when almost two weeks into it....there was no sign of grass!
But one day, it happened!! It started growing and by the time our Science Fair arrived....
our grass was SO tall!!!

I have never been accused of having a "green thumb" but I can grow a pot of grass!!!! 

The kids were so excited about showing their parents our project! I was excited to get it over with....:) 
This was the after noon before the big night! We set up our project together before they got out of school!!

Here is our board!! 
The main thing that they learned was all the different parts to a flower and the reason for each part!
I made it so that the labels to the different parts could come off and on. We had major girl/boy competition matching the the label to the correct parts!! The kids learned a lot and had tons of fun in the mean time!!

I do have to give the kids credit on their awesome job making "grass" with construction paper to go along the bottom!! I was very proud of how it turned out..and of course so were they!!

Their very own pot of grass was of course the MAIN highlight!! 
You see, unlike the Midwesterners, California people don't have huge lawns filled with nice green grass.
Actually, some of the kids were in all seriousness telling their parents that they wanted to replant their pot of grass at home out side their house!! :) 

Of course, the rest of the school had some really great displays too...but having the bias that I do...
I still think ours was the best!! :)

Some of the highschoolers..

5th and 6th graders room

Here is one of my favorites...second of course to ours..:)
but seriously, I thought this was an incredible replica of the Golden Gate Bridge!!
Check it out!!

It was an all around great night at Bethel!
I love these open house nights that we have....
its such a great time with the families....
even though I see them every day it's just a more relaxed setting when you really get to talk more and get to know more about each other!! I'm so blessed with the children I got this year!
They were so excited and most of them came "dressed up" to the Science Fair...well, seeing them in anything other than their school uniform is dressed up to me!! :)

This is mischievous cutie that really took the dressing up thing seriously!
So cute!! By the way, for those of you that have heard the "Seashell in the Ear" story...
That is him...:) 


Nicole said...

I sure do have a friend who is one great teacher! And to think you majored in secondary ed; you make a wonderful second grade teacher...:)
PS Glad to meet Yahir, lol!

Anonymous said...

Yaay! That was a fun night and your project did turn out wonderful! And the teacher of that student who did the Golden Gate Bridge...AWE-SOME!!! Haha :)

Jeff Voegtlin said...

You know...

bein' as your in Cali now, etc., etc....

you might be careful about using the words pot and grass in the same sentence!!!!


just teasing you Liz, and please delete this goofy comment once you've seen it!

someone said you're coming for another short visit? if you time it right, you could take some 2nd graders candy selling :)

your neighbor,
Dr. V.

Brooke said...

What a great teacher those kids have! :) And look at that you even have a green thumb.

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