Saturday, July 2, 2011

One year ago....

We stood in a beautiful church and promised each other the rest of our lives!! 

It's been such a great first year! 

There have been sad times, happy times, difficult times, fun times and everything in between!

Sometimes when I think of our first year it seems like it flew by...then others it feels like we have been through so much together and I love him so much more everyday that how could it have only been a year ago?! 

He truly is the best husband in the world. I am so spoiled! 

He treats me with respect, and love and is always doing things that he knows will make me happy!

But he also is such a leader. He guides me in the right way, helping me make the right decisions, always being there to support me/us and our little family! :)

He is my best friend and my biggest fan! 

I love him with all my heart and that love grows and grows each and every day!

He is my man and I get to spend the rest of my life being his girl!!!!

He makes me the happiest girl in the world!

Happy First Anniversary Babe, I love you so much! 
Thank you for an amazing first year, I can't wait to celebrate the next 50+ with you as well! 


Natalie said...

you two are so cute :) i'm so happy for you guys :)

Natalie said...

Love these pictures! Happy 1st to you both! =)

Brooke's Insights to LIfe said...

Happy First Anniversary to the cutest couple! Love you and miss you

Nicole said...

Great pics!;) Happy 1st anniversary, the first of many more!

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