Monday, November 22, 2010

Early Thanksgiving...

This past Saturday, we had a Thanksgiving Dinner with our Sunday School class!
It was very nice!
Right at the beginning of the school year our church started our Sunday School class. It's called the young couples class but its really open for anyone. I guess if you wish you were a young couple or you used to be a young couple or you are a young are pretty much welcome! :) Our class is co-taught by Daniel Kelso (most of my readers will know who that is...if you don't know...Daniel grew up at the church that I attended all of my childhood...and he married someone that grew up at the church that my husband did (our current church) and the other teacher is a Jared Stager.
Let me just say...I love the Stager's! Kathy (who is the wife) has been a huge blessing to me since moving here! They just moved here to California last fall around this time. Kathy's dad is a pastor in New York. She and I have the homesick thing in common!!!! She has been such a great friend to me. She always seems to know when I need a hug or an encouraging note or a random text. She, like me, never left home until her move here and is very close to her family. She is about a year ahead of me in the whole "getting used to CA." thing! I love her. Another amazing thing about Jared and Kathy is that they have adopted THREE children!!!! All from different places....Guatemala, El Salvador and New York. All of their girls are just adorable!!
Anyhow, we had our Thanksgiving at their home.
Here are some pictures....

My plate!! Yum!!
Filling our plates!
The kids corner!
(The baby is the Stager's youngest. Emily is her name they adopted her in June.)
The men
Katrina, Emily and me....
(Katrina is their oldest from Guademala. She is in my class!)
Now with Joy...she is such a trip!
The Kelso men ..
I love Thanksgiving!! Although I am a little nervous about my first Filipino Thanksgiving!! :)
I will definitely keep you posted on how that turns out. I am hoping to see something resembling a turkey....We (the WHOLE Balatbat family) is gathering to celebrate the American holiday. Let's just should be interesting.....:)

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Anonymous said...

Did you eat all that food on your plate?!! Looks like you are adjusting well, Liz--the homesick part is get better--remember, Home is where your heart is:)

I love all your updates on your new life in Cali--keep 'em comin'!

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