Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'tis the season...

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
Ours was very very nice! I decided not to post my pictures...basically because it takes too much time to load pictures on here and I wanted to put these on instead. Anyhow, we celebrated (as I said before) with the Balatbat family. Everyone gathered at my in laws house and ate wonderful food (and yes there was turkey)! Filipino's love to cook and they always do things in HUGE amounts (at least my relatives).

Thanksgiving night, at midnight, Julian, Joyce (his sister) and I went to the outlets to start our black friday shopping! It was a crazy crazy experience! I LOVE black friday shopping! It is so fun to be out there with all those other crazy people! We got home around 3 a.m. and then we were up again at 9 to go shopping some more!

Saturday, was a day that I had been looking forward to for a long time!! We decided that we were going to go get our very first Christmas tree! I love Christmas and I have been excited about decorating for our first Christmas! So first thing Saturday morning we headed out to a local "tree lot"....
and we found our tree!!!
It was so fun! Even though there was no snow and actually it was raining...the little tree lot did feel very festive! :)
Getting ready to take it home!
Michelle, my best friend, spent the entire day with us and we used her big truck to haul our tree home!
Carrying it in!
Up the stairs!
Let's just say, this moment, or this twenty minutes...which was about how long it took us to figure out the tree stand and get the tree to stand straight....was a very memorable time! One of those that you just won't forget...Julian "Babe, stop pulling it"..Me "I'm not pulling, you are pushing".... It was a very special! :)

yep...that's me...still holding it up!
then the fun part...all the stuff on the floor is the decorations we had yet to put out...

Did I mention it's our 1st Christmas and we are EXCITED!! :))
Finally Michelle was in a picture! Thanks for taking pictures all day for us Michelle! We love you!

It's our awesome tree topper! I love it!
We made a last minute decision on what the tradition would be for the "who puts the tree topper on"...we decided our entire family would do it together (all two of us) ...I'm not sure how that will work in the future, especially if we have several kids but we will cross that bridge later! :)
Love my moose couple...(passed down from my mother) btw most of my decorations were passed down! Including our tree skirt...which is definitely very special to me!!

Our stockings! I got these after last Christmas at an adorable store called Swoozie's!!
Love them!
Here's the finished product!
the nativity scene we had all during my childhood
Love this set...actually one of my bridal shower presents from my Mom! I just had to put them out...they are way too cute to be in the cupboard!

It's so perfect!!
It definitely is "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" around our home!
Looking forward to all that this Christmas season has in store!!!


Anonymous said...

It is all so beautiful Liz--you are definitely making your house a home:)

Did you plug up your vacuum? I have done that several times!

Hi to Michelle!

Nicole said...

Very lovely, Liz! You did a great job making your house so festive!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful. I love your tree. So glad you are making traditions!! Love you lots, Mom

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