Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, I know I already posted this...but this past Sunday was my Grandpa's 80th birthday!
The family had been planning a birthday party for the past couple of months and the first time my Mom mentioned it to me I started thinking about how awesome it would be to be there for it! I miss my family so much....everyday....
It's a very long story but when Julian and I looked into it we found that it would be possible for me to be there! I decided to keep it a surprise!
Let's just was a wonderful weekend!!!
I flew out of San Fran on Friday afternoon and arrived in Charlotte, NC late that night. My Uncle Kirk, Aunt Amanda and cousin Paige picked me up from the airport.
This is us on the way from the airport! We were all super excited to surprise them!
Since it was so late we decided to wait and surprise my parents and grandparents Saturday morning.
We planned it all out and arrived early the next morning while they were all finishing breakfast.
It was a moment I'll never forget.
I wish all of you could have seen their faces!!
I walked in the garage door that is right off their one was looking when I walked in. In a normal voice, I just said, "Hey, I heard there is a party today! Is this where it's at?"
My Grandpa was the first to turn and look and as I looked over at my parents they all had the same confused look on their faces. You know, the one you get when you see someone you know where you least expect them. It was great!!!
Here are some pictures from the moment...
He was so cute...he kept hugging me!

I missed my Mom so much! We were both crying!
He was just beaming!!! :)
We spent the morning getting ready for the party.
Here is the birthday boy waiting for the party to start!
He was so happy all day! :)
Grandpa and his little girls! aka..the party planners!
the food was great!
The granddaughter's! We always have a great time together!

and we all love him!!!
Another great thing about the trip was the time we all got to spend with David and Ali! David's family was our next door neighbors for our entire childhood..we grew up like brother's and sister's. It was so great catching up with him and getting to know Ali more!!
Everyone waiting to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake!!
The cake was beautiful and yummy!
Singing :)

I love them SO much!!
proud to be his granddaughter!
Cutting the cake!
My Uncle Kerry and Aunt Lisa (on my Dad's side) also live in Greenville so they came for the party too!
..this is where the younger people hung out...:)
Dad's inner-child comes out when he is around all the cousins! He gets a little crazy! :)
...but they LOVE it!
so cute!
It was such a beautiful day!!
Grandpa had about 30 friends come! Quite a big turn out for your 80th birthday!!!
Brother's and Sister's
Look at them! :)
what a beautiful couple!
Another wonderful part of the weekend was getting to meet my brand-new brother....I absolutely fell in love with him! He is definitely cuter, more laid back, sweeter, and calmer than any brother I have ever had..:)
But he kind of stole a little bit of the attention from Grandpa..which is something that I plan on discussing with him next time we are together!
....but maybe not because he is just so cute! It's hard to be stern with him when he is looks at you with his sweet eyes!
Did I mention that he knows how to shake already?? He loves it! Once you do it with him once he will be doing it the rest of the day!
He also likes to be in the middle of every conversation! Literally in the middle!!
He can make himself comfortable no matter what situation he is in!
He is just all around great!
After all the birthday festivities we headed over to BJU (my youngest brother's school) and cheered him on in his play off soccer game!
Here we are...David's fan club!
Go #11!!!

Yes, he came too! :)

Just a little cold but happy to be together!!!
Sunday, being Grandpa's actual birthday, called for another celebration at a local fish restaurant!
Paige's choice off the menu!
Grandpa loved getting sung to and especially loved the dessert part!!!
All of us...(minus Dan) who had to work :(
Just a few short hours later I had to say goodbye! :(
It was truly a wonderful weekend...the only down side was that my sweet husband had to stay home...It was very hard to leave them so soon! But I'm very thankful for the time we had!

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Nicole said...

It looks like you had a wonderful visit; anytime you want to come out to Indiana to surprise me you can!...:) Loved all your photos, felt like I was there as well through them.
Also, the recipe exchange sounds like fun; I will be awaiting the email!
Love ya!

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